Facilities essential to your stay are listed below.

Their exact location is pinpointed on the map below the list.






  • Solomon's Lucaya - Biggest nearby supermarket. The plaza also includes an Italian Specialty Shop (which carries Nespresso capsules) and a Liquor Store.

  • Taylor's Plaza - Smaller grocery store that is often cheaper. The plaza also has a liquor store and a purified/mineral water refill station for 5 Gal. bottles (cheapest mineral water available)


Fish Markets


Fresh fish, lobster (in season) and conch can be purchased directly from local fishermen:

  • Downtown Fish Market - The Freeport Fish market is held on a parking lot by the former International Bazaar.

  • "Out Da Sea" - Purchase fish direct from the fishermen on the grounds of the "Out da Sea" restaurant.






  • Cooper's - Closest gas station with a small convenience store. No credit card.

  • Five Palms Gas Station - Credit Card Accepted

  • Port Lucaya Fuel Dock - For boaters. Nearest Fuel Dock.





  • Church of Ascension Free Water Depot - Hurricane Dorian caused the water table to be contaminated with saltwater. The tap water is still somewhat salty and hasn't officially been approved as safe for drinking yet (2020/26/10). It is suitable for showering, doing laundry and washing dishes but not to drink or clean vegetables/fruits with. Until the salinity level returns to normal, purified water is available for free at various water depots throughout the island. Guests are invited to use the 10Gal water cooler at their disposal at the Villa, fill it with free purified water and use it to clean food. It is also safe to drink but for taste, mineral water is preferable (available in supermarkets or at mineral water refill stations).

  • Taylor's Plaza Water refill Station (next door to the supermarket) - Sells and refills 5Gal bottles of purified or alkaline water. Significantly cheaper than mineral water purchased in the supermarkets.